Core Strengthening Exercise For Hip And Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain are often the result of weakness in the abdominal and glute muscles.

Your abdominals (a.k.a “core”) work to keep your upper body stable while your arms and legs move and your glutes extend your hip by bringing your leg back like when you walk or run.

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But, when your abs and glute muscles are weak other muscles must compensate. This happens when your quadriceps (thigh muscles) and your hip flexors try to perform the work your abs and glutes are supposed to be doing. This is also why you can have knee pain when squatting.

The result is often one or more of the following:

-lower back pain
-hip pain
-knee pain
-foot and ankle pain

I use many different types of core strengthening exercises to eliminate hip and knee pain quickly.

Using exercises to strengthen your core muscles help to strengthen weaker muscles to reduce painful symptoms.

In the video to the right I’ll show you a simple, yet really effective core strength exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles immediately and reduce hip and knee pain.

Try it out and leave me a comment here and tell me how it worked for you.

Last Edited: 24th June 2009


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  1. says

    I ended up with pain in my leg. I think that I should have perhaps done some warm up first and maybe you could mention that in the video … I had a hip replacement op last year and find that there are some groups of muscles I ‘forget’ to exercise, relying on others to compensate so when I try something like this my body ‘reminds’ me …. It has given me something to think about
    HippieĀ“s last blog ..Bursitis Cure

  2. larry says

    i watched your video I am about 280 with a sore back I haven’t exercised in a long time what happens when you can’t lift yur legs up to dothis exercise?

  3. larry says

    i am about 280 haven’t exercised in a long time starting a job where i will be standing a lot and want to strengthen my core quickly I saw your video what happens when you can’t lift your legs to start the exercise?

    • says

      I am assuming you’re talking about the video of the supine leg march where you lie on your back? You can perform it by starting with your legs on the floor and lift one leg up at a time. Basically, just do the exercise in reverse. Use the same cues through your abdominals otherwise you’ll just feel your hip flexors cramp up and your lower back won’t like that. The key for your lower back to get better is to properly stabilize your trunk using your entire abdominal complex

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